Arrest this girl, she talks in maths

It’s been 32 days since my last post. Here’s what you need to know: 7+5+20=4. What? Karma Police, lock up this girl. She’s making no math sense at all. Continue reading “Arrest this girl, she talks in maths”


It’s actually pretty easy to be green

With all due respect to everyone’s favorite amphibian, I find that it’s actually pretty easy to be green — at least on the inside — thanks to liquid chlorophyll. Continue reading “It’s actually pretty easy to be green”


Seven Fun Facts About Wine! Cheers!


It’s National Wine Day! I don’t normally make a habit of celebrating unofficial holidays, but this is one that is a must. Continue reading “Seven Fun Facts About Wine! Cheers!”



We’ve been doing this blog thing for a little while now, you and me, right? So, you know me. I’ve told you things about myself, like how I’m fiscally irresponsible and will buy anything if it looks or sounds cool, right? Well, sometimes those purchases actually pay off and I am left feeling really smart and super vindicated. Continue reading “Supernillaberryveggieproteinshakealicious”


My Old Kentucky Mule

Good golly, it’s May! How did that even happen? I feel like it was just January and now – bam! – it’s horse-racing season. The year is already a third of the way gone. Unpossible! But May is the beginning of the warm season here in Ohio, so I will totally embrace it. Continue reading “My Old Kentucky Mule”


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