Why I’ll Never Support Another Dog Rescue

Last Fall, our department found itself in the rather unusual position of having to hire a new graphic designer. The person who was leaving was retiring and had more than thirty years of experience in our organization, so the dilemma was how to fill the position. Do we hire someone with similar experience so that…

Dreamland Friday Funk

Looking for something great to listen to today? Look no further, friends. Your blogger is funking out to Wild Belle on Spotify and just can’t get enough of those dulcet tones. Listen along and enjoy some smooth Friday vibes.


You are not who you were yesterday. You are who you want to be today. Who will you be? Who do you want to be? Breathe and be.  

Welcome to the (Green) Machine

When’s the last time you experienced real, pure, unadulterated joy? Prior to this past Monday night, I’d have been hard-pressed to answer that question. But something happened to me that night, and it was spectacular. Better than anything I’d experienced in a long, long time. Let me start at the beginning. About six weeks ago,…