The Waiting (is the hardest part)

Oh, my, my. Oh, hell yes. I’ve got to put on my party dress. That’s right — Imma go see Tom Petty this weekend!

I first discovered him when I was about eleven years old. He was on a show called Midnight Special, which was hosted by growly DJ Wolfman Jack, and I remember he played “American Girl”. One look at that shaggy blonde hair and I was in love. I remember covering my walls — and I mean literally covering them, there was not a speck of wallpaper visible through the photo collage — with pictures of him (okay, and also Jackson Browne) that I’d carefully cut out of Hit Parader magazine. I’d deluded myself into thinking I was going to marry him someday. *sigh* (And for those of you who scoff at my fantasy, I’ll have you know that I looked at his Wikipedia page and it turns out that he met his second wife at one of his concerts, so there.)

So, while I did not marry Tom Petty, I did remain a pretty loyal listener through the years. I’ve seen him five times and he remains one of my all-time favorite performers. When I read in Rolling Stone that he was planning a big tour which could possibly be his last, I vowed to be there.

I’m going to love the show regardless of the setlist but if dreams can come true, here are the five songs I’m hoping to hear:


Even the Losers. Classic Tom Petty. Jangly, rocky, gritty. This is pure summertime jamming. Plus, look at him hop in that video! Adorbs, right?


Louisiana Rain. I love the twangy intro to this song. And it’s so freaking old school, there isn’t even a real video for it!


Mary Jane’s Last Dance. If you don’t love this song, you should just get off my blog because we have nothing in common.


Spike. A song about a boy with a dog collar on — I’m scared, ain’t you boys scared? Songs that use storytelling devices are just awesome because they usually get tweaked to reflect the city you’re in. I like to feel special. (The hat makes me weak in my knees.) Yeah, I might need me a dog collar, too.


Don’t Do Me Like That. This one doesn’t even need an explanation.


Joe Walsh is the opening act, so it’s sure to be a fabulous funk-filled weekend.

I’ve gotta say, life’s been good to me so far.


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