Today is Memorial Day, and while it’s nice to have this time to gather with family and friends and eat hot dogs and burgers, it’s important to remember why this day is recognized.


34923328535_cdd29aa54a_o_dThat’s my cousin Josh in the photo above. He’s an active-duty pilot in the Air Force. The smaller photo to the left is my cousin Ty, Josh’s brother. He’s in the Navy. They’re both awesome and brave, and I am extremely thankful to them and the others like them who have volunteered to put their lives on the line so that we have the freedoms we have in this country.

One of those freedoms is the freedom of speech. The freedom to peacefully protest. The freedom to #resist against a corrupt group of politicians who seek to bring harm to our amazing country.

Recently, the Trump Administration issued an executive order to review all national monuments created since 1996. If you follow the money, you can see that the ultimate goal is to increase oil and gas drilling, along with mining for coal and uranium.

The House passed legislation (H.R. 953) that destroys federal regulations on pesticides, meaning that they no longer need to obtain permits from the Clean Water Act before they can be made available to the public.

Here in Ohio, the owner of the Dakota Access Pipeline is facing a legal battle with the Ohio State Historic Preservation Office because his company, Energy Transfer Partners, bulldozed the Stoneman House, a historic home built in 1843 in Dennison, without notifying anyone. The home happened to be in the path of the currently-under-construction Rover Pipeline, which is set to carry fracked natural gas through the state.

The Trump Administrations’s proposed budget for 2018 would reduce the EPA’s operational budget by 35 percent — 5% higher than the announced plans earlier this year. It would also end funding to states for environmental clean-up efforts and pollution control.

Furious yet? You should be. There is no such thing as Planet B. This is it. This is all we’ve got. And thanks to our soldiers, I am able to voice my concerns to anyone who will listen. If you want to help but aren’t sure how, please consider texting RESIST to 50409. A bot will respond to you and will help you craft a fax message to your local representatives, and will take care of sending the message as well. It’s free, it’s easy, and it works.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax



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