Grab your parka because Hell just froze over

Continue reading “Grab your parka because Hell just froze over”


I’m Earthing, and you should, too!

Are you anxious or stressed out? Do you struggle to fall or stay asleep? Does your internal battery need to be recharged? Then earthing, my friend, might be the ticket for you. Continue reading “I’m Earthing, and you should, too!”


I’m back, back in the yoga groove

Nearly. Four. Freaking. Weeks. That’s how long I was unable to participate in any kind of physical activity thanks to The Shingles. We’re talking no yoga, no walking the dog, no jumping on the trampoline — nada. Yeesh! Thankfully, I’m almost completely healed and have been able to get back on the mat this week. For someone who really does her best to practice yoga most days, going that long without a session was like torture. Continue reading “I’m back, back in the yoga groove”


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