^^Me today after the Cavs win last night.

Eleven down, five to go. In this house, we’re #ALLin216.

Go Cavs!


Further proof that I’m young and hip

What am I doing? Oh, just some snapping and some chatting. It’s a thing that, you know, all the cool, young, hip kids are doing these days. You’ll understand if you’re also cool and young and hip.

Because you can never share enough information about your life. Never. You think you’re sharing enough already? Oh, you beautiful tropical fish, you.

OK, confessions time: I really just need to learn how to use this app effectively for my job so it’s not like I’m just a random attention hound. Or hip. Or cool. But I’m definitely young.

Are you on Snachat? Wanna be friends? And snap and chat together? You know what to do. Reach out and snap someone!

All the other kids will love your not-so-pumped-up (side)kicks

So the other day I decided to wear these really cute toeless boots that have been sitting in my closet looking all lost and forlorn. I’ve had them for a couple of years but have only worn them maybe five times because I’m just not that into them. They’re cute on the outside but they’re made of this rough canvas material and aren’t lined inside, so they kind of hurt my feet. And the angle of the heels is awkward enough that my gait is all funky. But they looked really great with the outfit I put on so I was gonna roll with them. Continue reading “All the other kids will love your not-so-pumped-up (side)kicks”

Bye, Alicia

Oh my gosh, you guys, do you know what today is? I mean, aside from Kentucky Derby Day? It’s Doom Eve. That’s what I call the 24-hour-period before the sun sets on your favorite thing in the world for good. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before. I can’t even tell you how many times it’s happened to me. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Gilmore Girls. The Sopranos. Breaking Bad. Heck, I was so traumatized over Parenthood ending that I never even watched the finale. Seriously, to this day I have no idea if Zeek lived or died, if Joel and Julia ever got back together, or if Hank and Sarah ever found lasting happiness. And now it’s happening again with The Good Wife. Continue reading “Bye, Alicia”

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